At JayNii Streetwise Ireland we have launched a children sponsorship programme. We are hoping to get enough donors to sponsor all our children and make sure all of them are looked after and stay in education. We can really make a difference for those children for less than the price of a couple of drinks on our monthly bill…

Each donor can choose between various options, so there is a choice for every budget:

€15/month     Basic Education: Uniform and school fees for one child

€25/month*    Living expenses: For one child incl. meals, clothing, medical expenses, electricity, water etc.

€40/month*    Living expenses PLUS Basic Education

€50/month*    Full Sponsorship: ALL living & education expenses for one child: meals, clothing, medical expenses, toiletries, electricity, water; school fees, uniforms, books, stationery, transport and extra classes.

*JayNii is registered for the tax relief for donations scheme. This means that for any donation of minimum €21/month we get an extra 31% from the revenue.

If you decide to support one of these wonderful children at JayNii, we will provide you with some details about him/her so that you will know whose life you are touching. You will also receive regular updates on how they are doing, directly from them…

If you would like to set up a child sponsorship, please fill in the standing order you can download here: JayNii_Child_Sponsorship_form



Thank you!

It is only with the help of donations from supporters like you that we will continue to make a difference in the lives of those wonderful children.