JayNii Streetwise Ireland has been created with the initial aim to support JayNii Streetwise, a charity and non-governmental organisation working with street children in Accra, Ghana  whose objectives are:
  •  To get children of Ghana off the street and put them into the classroom by providing them with books, uniforms, meals, after school care, homework assistance and extra curricular activities
  •  To provide them with practical life skills
  •  To create the opportunity for them to make use of their acquired skills
  •  To empower them, to show them that they are talented and deserve to join the ranks of Ghana’s educated youngsters
  •  To promote and encourage education for all children and help prepare them
    for a better future
Click here to find out more about JayNii and the Streetwise project in Ghana.
JayNii Streetwise is a registred charity in Ghana, registration number G-23,946.
JayNii Streetwise Ireland has the initial primary objectives of:
  •   Raising funds to help sustain the activities of JayNii Streetwise in Ghana by organizing fundraising events, collections and other fundraising activities
  •   Soliciting and accepting donations from both local and international donors and organizations.
  • Raising awareness of JayNii Streetwise in Ghana  and the wonderful work they do
Our goal is to continue to provide children with an education and the means to a better future.  We hope to be able in future to embrace other projects based on the same principles, in other deprived areas in Ghana, and beyond.