JayNii depends entirely on the general public, through donations and our fundraising activities. Therefore your help is essential and greatly appreciated.

You can send us a once-off donation now:


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The goal of the JayNii Streetwise is to continue to provide children in deprived areas in Ghana with an education and the means to a better future.


With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to make a difference in their lives.


Currently, the donations will go towards feeding the children and paying for their school fees, books and uniforms, as well as contributing to the building of practical skills training facilities at JayNii Beach (where JayNii is based) in Jamestown, Accra.

lotsofkids2All donations and gifts received by us are used entirely in our projects in Ghana, to benefits the children we aim to support. No expenses are incurred in Ireland, neither for remuneration of our staff nor to finance our activities.